Cleaning up my act

I have been a bit haphazard about adding labels to my blog posts and have sometimes been using two or even more similar labels (often one in the singular and another in the plural) where one would do, so I decided to clean up the labels to make them easier to navigate, and to add missing labels to the older posts.

In order to not have too many labels, I decided to only put author names as labels when I have posted more than once about a particular author, so I have removed all authors with only a single label, and put "Author:" in front of the others so that they all appear together in the label list, like I did from the start with locations. I am also considering doing this for the type of mystery and the type of detective, to make them easier to find.

I also removed all book titles from the labels, so that if you want to find multiple posts for the same book, you must now either use the search function or click the author label.

This is a work in progress, so any changes will happen gradually. But before I start adding labels left and right, I have a question:

Dear Reader, could you please tell me how you use labels/tags? I have put a poll on the right sidebar and would appreciate it if you could take a few seconds to answer it. The answers I get will affect how I do my labelling in the future.


Dorte H said…
For ´old´ blogs labels are not that important to me as I usually skim my blog roll at least twice a week, but when I find a new blog that looks interesting, I always check the labels for authors I like and browse a few reviews.

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