Meme: Favourite genres

I have never participated in a blog meme before, but I have often come across them and I think they are a good social tool to bring together bloggers with similar interests. So I decided to participate in one, and whenever I come across one that interests me I will participate in it.

I found this one on Lost in Books. The question is simple (perhaps deceptively so): What are your favourite genres?

My absolute number one all-time favourite genre is Travel Literature. I prefer the non-fiction kind, i.e. travelogues and travel memoirs and, to a lesser extent, ex-pat memoirs, but I also like to read road novels, which is probably why I like The Hobbit so much.

In second place I must place Mystery Fiction, along with the related genres of Detective and Crime Fiction.

These two genres have been with me longer than any other. Other genres come and go, but these two have stayed.

I also have a weak spot for Fantasy, but I can hardly count it as a favourite genre because I am very picky when it comes to choosing Fantasy to read and only read a handful of authors in that genre.


Enbrethiliel said…

I had trouble finding my third genre, too. I wanted to pick Fantasy--but ultimately didn't for a reason similar to what you cite here.
Rebecca :) said…
I love travelogues too. Probably because I haven't traveled very many places and I can live vicariously through these people. I want to travel more once I am done with school.

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