Short stories 26-30

“Þrándur” by Björnstene Björnsson. From Sögur frá Noregi. A story laden with metaphor about a boy who is a natural on the violin.

“Viðsnúnings hressandi hristingur”, by Þórarinn Eldjárn.

“Women are the scourge of the earth”, by Frances Molloy. From Wildish Things. A chilling account of an abusive relationship. Recommended.

"The case of the Middle-aged Wife" by Agatha Christie. A little piece of problem-solving by Mr. Parker Pyne.

“Eftir spennufallið,” by Þórarinn Eldjárn. From Ó fyrir framan. A nicely imagined and humorous modern retelling of the story of Adam and Eve and the Fall. Recommended if you read Icelandic.


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