2010 Global Reading Challenge


I have joined the 2010 Global Reading Challenge. Dorte of DJs Krimiblog had an idea to expand her reading horizons and has invited other bloggers to join in.

For starters I will be going for the easy challenge, but who knows: I may upgrade to the medium or even the expert challenge.

First thing I will do is look through my TBR books to see if I have books that fulfil the stipulations of the challenge. I know I have books from Europe, North-America, Australasia and Asia, but I may have to look further afield for books from South-America and Africa. However, I would like to read authors that are new to me, so I will probably have to visit the library for a book from Australasia.


Dorte H said…
I am really pleased you joined the challenge - though I suspect you need it less than me. I think your reading diet is extremely varied already!

And if you should need inspiration, there are already several reviews of African novels, and a few South African ones.

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