The next 5 short stories

  • Mademoiselle Fifi”, by Guy de Maupassant, from Mademoiselle Fifi and other stories. A story about a bad guy getting what's coming to him from an unlikely source. Too melodramatic for my taste.
  • “Problem at Pollensa Bay”, by Agatha Christie, from Problem at Pollensa Bay and other stories. An entertaining little story about young love, starring Mr. Parker Pyne. Okay, but not outstanding.
  • “The Nutcracker”, by Ben Travers. From A Century of Humour. A story about young love and naughty boys. Not particularly funny, but well told and would make a nice humorous short film.
  • “The Jigsaw”, by Leonard R. Gribble. From A Century of Detective Stories. A nice little detective story, a twist on the jigsaw puzzle urban legend.
  • "The Ring of Thoth", by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. From Tales of Unease. A short creepy story from the author of the Sherlock Holmes stories. Recommended.


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