Short stories 16-20

  • “The Veiled Lady” from 13 For Luck by Agatha Christie. Hercule Poirot solves another case. Not one of the good ones.
  • “In and Out”, by Freya North. From Girl’s Night In. A funny little story about not letting a man interfere with women's friendships.
  • “The Genuine Tabard”, by E.C. Bentley. From Trent Intervenes. An interesting story about very bold criminals.
  • “Myndin”, by Þórarinn Eldjárn. From Ó fyrir framan. A funny story about a painting, by Iceland’s greatest short story writer. Recommended.
  • “Five Hundred Carats”, by George Griffith. From More Rivals of Sherlock Holmes. A rather lame story about a highly risky way of committing a crime that didn’t work out completely as envisioned by the criminals.


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