Bibliophile's reading report for June 2006

I thought if I would organise the translation work (see previus reading report) during my fortnight's holiday like a regular working day, starting at 8:00 and clocking off at 16:00, it would give me time to read for fun. Instead I have been so heartily sick and tired of the written word that I read only two books from start to finish during those two weeks.
Now I have found a renewed interest in an old hobby: rock painting, which means my creative juices are really flowing, which in turn means the (mild) depression I have been suffering from is clearing away (it seems to be stress related). I haven't felt like painting rocks for the last two years, but now I am spending a lot of my free time away from the computer, selecting, base coating and painting rocks, everything from strawberries to cats. The time spent not reading gives me a chance to mull over the translation and the dissertation and gives me a clarity of perspective that recreational reading tends to obscure.

I have not included any of the translation tomes I have been reading, because I haven't read any of them from start to finish. I have actually read my usual number of pages (and then some) in June, but it is not reflected in the following list:

A really cute corpse: Joan Hess
Death and the pregnant virgin: ST Haymon
Death on the high C's: Robert Barnard
Kleifarvatn: Arnaldur Indriðason

The American Gun Mystery: Ellery Queen (will be reviewed as one of the 52 once I finish reading a couple more books)
Graffiti 5: Nigel Rees
Jacobson's Organ and the remarkable nature of smell: Lyall Watson
The Masqueraders: Georgette Heyer
Never! Fascinating facts about Ireland: Nigel Smith

Rereads: (unreviewed)
Mort: Terry Pratchett
My family and other animals: Gerald Durrell
Reaper Man: Terry Pratchett

Total books read: 12


Lee said…
I normally don't do this, but since you asked for comments about resources which include ebooks, I wanted to let you know that I'll soon be starting to serialize my YA fantasy novel Mortal Ghost in weekly instalments on a blog. Here is the link:


Bibliophile said…
It's generous of you to publish your novel online, Lee.

While I don't like getting messages from authors out to get people people to buy their work (I have rejected several messages from one guy who refuses to give up), I have nothing against authors who offer their work for free. I hope it will be successful.

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