Bibliophile's reading report for May 2006

I have now finished a quarter of the book I'm translating, by working for an hour most mornings before going to work and 2 hours after work. Since I no longer have a TV (long story), this leaves the evenings for me to read. I managed to read 17 books in May, and expect there will be more in June, because I am taking two weeks of my summer vacation this month. The plan is to finish the rough translation of the book by the end of next week, then finish some of the the documenting and write the first draft of my thesis. I will then have until August to polish the translation and finish the thesis. I am giving myself a full 8-hour work-day for the academic work, and will use the rest of each day to relax, read, take walks, go swimming and generally enjoy being on holiday. Here are the books I read this month:

Death in a cold climate and Death of a mystery writer: Robert Barnard (mystery) (in progress)
Death on demand and Something wicked: Carolyn G. Hart (mystery)
The Englishwoman in America: Isabella Lucy Bird (travel)
Going Postal: Terry Pratchett (fantasy; reread)
Man of two tribes: Arthur W. Upfield (mystery)
Murder makes a pilgrimage: Sister Carol Anne O'Marie (mystery) (in progress)
The Thin Woman: Dorothy Cannell (mystery)
The Winter Queen: Boris Akunin (mystery)

Black sheep: Georgette Heyer (historical romance)
The Devil Earl: Deborah Simmons (historical romance)
Kitty: Marion Chesney (historical romance)
Murder must wait: Arthur W. Upfield (mystery)
Naked: David Sedaris (memoir)
Venetia: Georgette Heyer (historical romance)
What next, Doctor?: Dr.Robert Clifford (memoir)


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