Fantasy mystery - looking for recommendations

I've been on the lookout for fantasy mysteries for my challenge but haven't really had much luck so far. I have already read all of Terry Pratchett's “Watch” books, so I can't use them in the challenge.

There's something quite appealing about mixed genres, unless the author has gone overboard and the result looks like an Indian masala movie – visually great but too long and narratively incomprehensible. Pratchett has managed to avoid that, and I'm looking for another author who has managed to do the same and I would appreciate recommendations. It doesn't have to be in the Pratchett style.

Here are a couple of fantasy mysteries by two authors I hold in high regard:

Terry Pratchett: Theatre of Cruelty

Neil Gaiman: The Case of the Four and Twenty Blackbirds


Lee said…
I don't think you can call my YA fantasy MORTAL GHOST a conventional mystery, though there is a mystery at the heart of it: who is the stranger being tortured in Jesse's visions? The novel will begin serialization soon in weekly instalments.
Bibliophile said…
I definitely plan on reading your novel, Lee, and I might even review it.
Lee said…
Thanks. I'm happy for all feedback, including the negative stuff. The first chapter should go up next week - just ironing out banner bugs.

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