Friday links, 18 August 2017

  • Let's begin with an interesting article about my own profession: translation. Zack Davisson translates manga - Japanese comic books - and the process is considerably more creative than you might think: Confessions of a Manga Translator. The process he describes is similar to the process I have been able to deduct from reading the European Tintin, Lucky Luke and Asterix comics in different languages, so it doesn't just apply to manga.
  • To many, it comes naturally; to some, it happens when it's taught to them at school; while others might need help: How to Read a Book. This article comes courtesy of The Art of Manliness website, but don't let that fool you: this particular content applies to everyone who loves to read. Note: I actually think there are more than four stages of reading - there is one that falls between inspectional and analytical reading - we could call it pleasurable reading. It's where you delve into the book to the extent that you become enmeshed in it but not to the extent of taking notes or trying to understand the author's intent - you're not trying to analyse it, but you are still reading deep and living the story as it unfolds before your eyes.
  • Here's some information that should help you to pick out the perfect notebook for you: Paper Notebooks Explained.
  • And here are some noteworthy notebooks: 10 best notebooks.
  • And one very educational link: Wikipedia's List of common misconceptions


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