This week's book haul

I hit on a sale at one of the charity shops I occasionally visit - any 10 books for a fixed price - and since there were some books there I wanted and buying 5 of them full price would cost more than getting 10 on sale, I went browsing and found five more I wanted. I got one more from the free books basket, and another two from another charity shop, a total of 13. In the background is the biggest of my TBR bookcases:

What I got was:
A French book of portraits of farm animals and their owners. Have I mentioned that I love photography books? If I haven't, well: now you know;
A sampler of English poetry through the ages (I have the big Norton Anthology of English Literature, but this is something I can read in bed without breaking my nose if I fall asleep reading it);
A Nancy Mitford novel - I have had her books recommended to me by several people and this one especially;
Les Misérables, which I actually also have as an ebook, but this is a newer translation. One day I hope to read it in French, but until then the English translation will have to do;
Maurice I have wanted to read for some time and the same goes for The Handmaid's Tale;
Eco's Theory of Semantics is related to my field of work and I like his non-fiction better than his novels;
The Medici book looked interesting, as did the red book with the Icelandic title, the English title of which is  Sex in History.
The cookbook is one of the old Time-Life Foods of the World books, and the recipe booklet is missing, but the book will make an interesting read. 
Finally, I bought yet another art book. I have a number of them but have never given myself the time to study any but the rock painting ones. I will probably wait until I retire and then take up sketching and painting on canvas as a hobby.


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