Booking Through Thursday: Summer reading

Today's prompt on Booking Through Thursday concerns summer reading:

Do your reading habits change in the summer? Do you take your books outside more? Do you curl up in the air conditioning? Do you read fluff instead of serious books? Are you too busy playing in the sun or gardening or whatever to read much at all?

My reading habits do not change all that much during the summer.

I don't read more outside - living where I do means that for it to be warm enough for comfortable outside reading it has to be sunny, and I burn easily. I do love to read on my living room sofa with the balcony doors open and a breeze wafting in the sounds and smells of summer. Only yesterday I was reading and the room was filled with the heady scent of newly mown grass - wonderful!

Neither do I exchange brain food for brain candy in the summer - my reading is always an eclectic mix of both - but I do tend to read shorter books and to reread more.

My summer reading sessions are shorter than the winter ones: I will read a chapter, then go and do something else; but there are also more of them, so I don't really read any less than I do in the winter.


Sounds good...I also enjoy reading on the sofa with the patio door open and breezes wafting in...this is only in the mornings, as it gets very HOT later.

Andrea King said…
I LOVE SUMMER! It's the only time of the year when I can be outside as much as I want without being cold. Being in Alberta where it gets up to -40C (-40F) but it feels like -45C (-49F) and trust me, that's a BIG difference, I take advantage of the summer and do anything and everything outside! I rarely even use my stove and oven and just usually barbecue outside! :D

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!
Andrea K. @ Books and Bindings
Booking Through Thursday
Hazel Ceej said…
You painted a very lovely setting for reading!

Vilia said…
Sounds really pleasant. Weather stops me from reading outside as it is either way too hot or way too cold. Here's mine Backchatting Books BTT
Tiffany DeOs said…
Isn't it fun how each season leads to a different type of reading? Your talk about winter made me long for a nice book, cup of something hot, and a blankie. :) Here's my btt post

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