Look at what I got!

I've been a bad, bad girl and bought me some books. The attempt to diminish the TBR stack by buying only books I strictly think I might keep has flown out the window. The TBR challenge, however, is still on, although it has slowed to a crawl.

I give you last week's book haul:

I love travelogues and like to read about foreign countries and I also like to read memoirs, especially those of people in interesting jobs and/or exotic locations. Therefore I was quite thrilled to find a number of such books. There was a travelogue about Paraguay (At the Tomb...), a country I have hitherto only visited once before in a book (Greene's Travels with my Aunt) and a book describing France - a country I think I should know more about since I am learning the language and am about to reach the step of deciding whether or not to splurge on a month of language school in the country. The Seven Pillars of Wisdom of course combines memoir and travelogue and although I have an ebook edition of it I felt like reading it in physical book form. The Carter memoir just looked like good fun.

History is another of my favourite genres and I hope that A History of the Scottish People lives up to my expectations for a good read.

I have had the sushi book recommended to me by more than one person and it was a piece of good luck to find it. The French cookery book was just irresistible - I love big cookbooks - and apparently this is one of those cookbooks that chefs speak of with deference as one of the ultimate French cookbooks. I'm looking forward to reading it.

As for the novels, I have been planning to read Their Eyes Were Watching God for some time, and Vonnegut is always a good read. I have been slowly accumulating his books through the years and haven't been disappointed in any of them yet. The Alchymist's Journal and The Magical Christmas Cat, represent two genres I find irresistible: historical novels and Christmas stories.

It will be interesting to see when I get around to reading any of these books, but some of them will probably get read quite soon because my mother will definitely want to borrow some of them.


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