Weekly Geeks: Ten things about books and myself

This is the first time I participate in a Weekly Geeks theme.This week it's a meme:

Tell us ten things about you with regard to books and reading. Let your imagination run wild!
 Here goes: 
  1. I collect bookmarks and I match them to the books I read.
  2. I have never read 40% of my books. That’s not counting books that are not meant to be read from cover to cover. 
  3. I read, on average, about 160 books a year. Generally only one or two will have been published in that year.
  4. Since the year 2000 I have cut my rereading from about half of all the books I read in a year down to fewer than 10.
  5. About 70% of my books were bought second hand.
  6. I have about 150 cookbooks and regularly use 3 of them.
  7. I am usually reading 4+ books at a time.
  8. When I was a child and young teen, I would go deaf when I was reading.
  9. I would love to own an e-reader.
  10. I think people who highlight words, dog ear or tear out pages, smoke or apply perfume while they are reading library books should be put in the stocks and pelted with rotten eggs. Same goes for people who think it’s okay to sell or trade such books.


Dorte H said…

I know all about that teenage reading deafness - and I think my daughters still suffer from it even though they are in their 20s.
Bibliophile said…
Did you ever have their hearing tested? My grandmother did that with me. To this day she still doesn't believe me when I tell her I wasn't just ignoring her.
Geosi Reads said…
I like your number five. That is exactly what I do...lol!
Dorte H said…
Certainly not. My parents understood why, but my siblings thought I was trying to get away from household chores (well, perhaps that was ALSO true ;D)

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