New auxiliary blog

I have started a new blog as an auxiliary to this one. I will be posting stuff on it that is book related but doesn't exactly belong on this one, like author bibliographies and lists of book series showing which books I have read, links to other readers' reviews of the books I have been reading, themed TBR lists, and so on.

It is mostly meant to be a memory tool for me that I can access from anywhere that has an Internet connection, but I would love to hear your comments on the lists, which books you have read, which ones you recommend and which ones you don't, and so on. It's called This'n That.


Dorte H said…
I tried, but it says it is only for readers who are invited.
Bibliophile said…
Woops! Fixed it. Anyone can visit now.
Dorte H said…
Cool & clean lay-out.
I have only read one Ed McBain, and probably in translation. Perhaps I should remedy that.
Bibliophile said…
Do give him a try. The books can, for the most part, be read out of order of publication.

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