Friday night folktales: The Bakki-brothers on the go

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Whenever one of the Bakki-brothers needed to go somewhere, they would all go together. Once they went on a three day journey and had travelled for 2 days when they remembered that they had intended to borrow a horse for the trip. So they turned back, borrowed the horse and set off again.


Once when the lease for the farm was due the brothers visited the widow who owned the land and paid the lease. They spent the night at her farm and then headed for home, which was a long way off.

When they were more than halfway home one of them spoke up and said: “Well, Gísli-Eíríkur-Helgi, now I remember that we forgot to ask the good woman to send us off in God’s peace. The other two agreed and so they turned back and asked her to send them off in God’s peace. She did, and off they set again, but when they were halfway home they remembered that they had not thanked her. Not wanting to be ridiculed for not having any manners, they turned around again, met the widow and thanked her cordially before setting off and finally getting home.


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