My reading challenges in 2011

As my regular readers may know, I considered a number of reading challenges for 2011. In the end I decided to do two year-long ones with numerous books: my very own Top Mysteries and TBR challenges.

I am stepping up the TBR challenge with the goal of reducing my TBR stack to below 850 books before the end of the year. The rules are, as before, that the stack can be reduced by reading and by culling and the books allowed for the challenge are the many, many books I have accumulated over the years but never read, provided I have owned them for more than a year. Furthermore, I will be unable to do this unless I cut down even more on my book buying. I plan to focus especially on non-fiction and on further reducing the number of my unread short story collections.

In the Top Mysteries Challenge I am planning to read 2 books per month, averaged over the year.

I will also continue the Frankfurter Büchmesse Challenge until the book fair starts in October.

Additionally, I’ll take part in some smaller challenges (6 books or less) organised by others, but only ones I can combine mostly or entirely with one or both of the other two. I am joining the What’s in a Name Challenge, level 1 of the The Read-A-Myth Challenge and level two of the Gothic Reading Challenge. I may add additional mini-challenges after I finish these.


Amy said…
Just found your blog...I feel like Reykjavik is like home after reading books set there!

How's about an Eastern European Challenge for 2011? It could be fun! Lots of regions.

Anyways, love your blog and blogroll too...lots of exploring to do.


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