Reading report for October 2010

I finished 15 books in October. 1 was a Chunkster Challenge read, 3 were Top Mystery Challenge reads, 3 were rereads, 6 were TBR challenge books, and 3 were neither rereads nor challenge reads.
8 of the books I read in October were mysteries or crime stories, which is a lot, even for such an avid fan of detective stories as myself.

One of the books I didn't review has such a strange title that I must mention it here: Do Ants Have Arseholes? and 101 other bloody ridiculous questions from the popular 'Corrections and Clarfications' [sic] page of Old Git magazine. This is, as astute readers may have guessed, a parody of popular trivia books like  Why Don't Penguins' Feet Freeze? and Do Polar Bears get Lonely?. As such, it is pretty good, giving irreverent and completely fictitious (and often funny) answers to what are mostly perfectly legitimate questions.

Catherine Aird : The Complete Steel - mystery, police procedural
Margery Allingham : The Tiger in the Smoke - mystery, detective story
Jon Butler & Bruno Vincent : Do Ants Have Arseholes? - parody
Agatha Christie : One, Two, Buckle My Shoe - mystery, detective story
Susanna Clarke : Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell - fantasy, alternative reality
Colin Cotterill : The Coroner's Lunch - mystery, detective story (review upcoming)
Jennifer Crusie : Maybe This Time - paranormal romance (review upcoming)
Christopher Dolley, ed. : The Penguin Book of English Short Stories - short stories
Shirley Jackson : We Have Always Lived in the Castle - psycho-gothic suspense
Elmore Leonard : Stick - caper story
Edward Marielle, ed.: The Penguin Book of French Short Stories - short stories
Dorothy L. Sayers : Clouds of Witness - mystery, detective story

The rereads:
Georgette Heyer : These Old Shades - historical romance
Terry Pratchett : Men at Work and Feet of Clay - fantasy, mystery, detective stories


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