Short stories 166-170

Now I have started reading the Italian chapter. The first story of the chapter that is long enough to fit the reading challenge is one I have read before, but I want to recommend it anyway, as it is fine example of a short story: “The Falcon” from The Decameron by Giovanni Boccaccio. (different translation)

“Galgano” by Ser Giovanni Fiorentino. Originally from Il Pecorone. A romantic tale about a lovesick swain and his cruel (and married) lady-love. A nice change from the bawdy tales which were so popular at the time.

The Two Ambassadors” (to read, scroll down to NOVELLA XXXI) by Franco Sacchetti. Originally from the Novelliero. A short, funny moral tale. Recommended. (different translation)

“The Cavalier of Toledo” by Masuccio Salernitano. Originally from Il Novellino. Another romantic tale, in which the lovers are separated by differences in social status. Nicely told.

Belphagor” by Niccolo Macchiavelli. A well-known theme from both oral and written literature about making a deal with a demon and then getting out of it by trickery. Rather misogynistic but well written with a nice twist. (same translation)

“A King in Disguise” by Matteo Bandello. Originally from the Novelle. An exemplary tale about a lucky man who meets his king in disguise and aids him in his distress and is rewarded for his kindness.


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