Short stories 151-155

“A New-Year’s Eve Confession” by Hermann Sudermann. A nostalgic little story with a twist in the tail. Recommended.

Here end the German, Austrian and Swiss authors and the French begin.

“The Divided Horsecloth” by Bernier. A prose translation of a verse original. A very old tale beautifully told. Makes me wish I could read Medieval French so I could see if the original matches the translation in eloquence.

The Lay of the Two Lovers” by Marie de France. A fairy tale about star-crossed lovers.

“The Pious Lady and the Gray Friar” by Marguerite de Navarre. Originally from The Heptameron. Another politely bawdy tale by Navarre that would not have been out of place in The Decameron or The Canterbury Tales.

“Memnon the Philosopher, or Human Wisdom” by Voltaire. A humorous tale of human folly. Recommended.


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