Just finished: Wash this blood clean from my hand by Fred Vargas


Will all great Neptune's ocean wash this blood clean from my hand?
William Shakespeare: Macbeth Act II, Scene ii.

Short summary:
A chance sighting of a newspaper article sets Commissaire Adamsberg off on a chase for a serial killer he had given up trying to catch years before, but he ends up as a fugitive himself.

Teasers from the book:

'I did get into the FBI archives once, just for fun,' she admitted shyly.
'No need to looks so shy, Josette. It's no sin to do good for other folks.'
Adamsberg looked in even greater astonishment at this frail old woman, one-third society lady, one-third shy little creature, and one-third seasoned hacker.


Adamsberg speaking:

'These last few days, my life has been in the hands of magical women. They've been tossing me from one to another, and every time they save me from falling into the abyss.'


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