Wednesday reading experiences

I am going to post, every Wednesday for one year, a weekly reading experience, book(s), author or genre I want to recommend to readers who are open to suggestions. If you like, you can call it a challenge from me to you, but please don’t follow it slavishly – it takes the fun out of it. I have done some of these things myself, but not all, but I will certainly be taking my own advice.

I would love to read your comments about doing this.

Here is the first one, something I have often enjoyed doing:

1. On a cold, rainy day, read a book that takes place somewhere warm and sunny and feel the warmth seep into your chilly bones.

Possible warming reads for rainy days:

Gerald Durrell: My Family and Other Animals
Tony Hillerman: The Blessing Way or just about any other Joe Leaphorn and/or Jim Chee book (some do happen in winter, but The Blessing Way is a summer book).
Bill Bryson: In a Sunburned Country
Arthur Upfield: The Man of Two Tribes and Boney and the Mouse
Elizabeth Peters: Crocodile on the Sandbank
Certain chapters from Edward Abbey’s Desert Solitaire and Mary Austin's The Land of Little Rain

Which books would you recommend for this exercise?


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