Review of Crime Beat: True stories of cops and killers by Michael Connelly

Year published: 2004
Genre: True crime, newspaper articles

This is a collection of articles Michael Connelly wrote before he became famous for his Harry Bosch mysteries. He began his writing carreer as a crime reporter, first in Florida and then in Los Angeles. The articles cover mostly murders that were considered newsworthy at the time, both locally and nationally.

The writing is typical unremarkable and rather dry newspaper reportage and it is obvious that the book is published to squeeze a little extra money out of hardcore Connelly fans. I would only recommend it to people who like their true crime without too much gory detail. The hardcore fans will buy it anyway.

Rating: A collection of not-so-good newspaper articles by a now famous author. 1+ star.


Maxine said…
I'm a hard-core Connelly fan but I have not and will not buy/read this - because I don't like "true crime".

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