Added another bunch of books to my BookMooch inventory

This time it's 10 mysteries, some of which I have reviewed here, and 1 Regency romance:

Carol Higgins Clark: Snagged (a Regan Reilly mystery)
Charles Cohen: Silver Linings
Emily Hendrickson: The Wicked Proposal
Timothy Holme: The Devil And The Dolce Vita (an Achille Peroni mystery)
Cecile Lamalle: Prepared For Murder (a Charly Poisson mystery)
Charlotte MacLeod: The Palace Guard; The Convivial Codfish; The Withdrawing Room; The Plain Old Man (Sarah Kelling and Max Bittersohn mysteries)
Charlotte Macleod: Wrack and Rune (a Peter Shandy mystery)
Qiu Xiaolong: A Loyal Character Dancer (a Chen Cao mystery)


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