Wednesday reading experience #3

Challenge your prejudices:
Choose an author, a book or a genre you hate and give them/it a second chance. Try, for example, some of the detested required reading from your literature classes in school, read a romance if you are a romance hater, a mystery if you don’t like those, etc., but make it an
informed choice. In other words, do not grab the first one you see, but do your research and find a book you really think you could like.

In the last reading experience I posted I mentioned Heart of Darkness, which might be a good choice because so many people seem to dislike it, as would The Da Vinci Code, which I know many people dislike without having read it.

My own choice is a book: Bleak House by Charles Dickens, for which I developed a dislike when I had to read and analyse it before I was ready for it.

What would your choice be; or if you answered the call: what did you choose to read and what was the outcome?


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