Friday links, 24 February 2017

  • Today's first link will lead you straight down a rabbit hole, or possibly a black hole. Whenever I go to the TV Tropes website, I generally emerge an hour or so later, out of breath and disoriented, and sated with information. It may be called TV Tropes, but trust me, it's actually about tropes in various different kinds of media, books included. The link will take you to the information page. Have fun!

The book I want to read is one I think I'd also want to own, because it's about language. 
Taxonomy, to be precise:


Shoshanah said…
I pretty much hate all of the types of books the bookseller hates, too. Who needs a book shaped like a pyramid? Or a book made of AstroTurf?

And I also want to read "The Naming of the Shrew"! Languages are intriguing. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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