Weekly Monday round-up (including the week's haul of books)

This is my first, but hopefully not last, time participating in this meme. The week before last I relaunched my book blog by signing up for two reading challenges, and I have started with a bang. It remains to be seen how long I can keep it up this time around.

 Books I finished reading last  week:
A Parrot in the Pepper Tree by Chris Stewart 
Cards on the Table by Agatha Christie. 
Thirteen at Dinner by Agatha Christie 
Death on a Silver Tray by Rosemary Stevens (scheduled to post on Wednesday)
April Lady by Georgette Heyer. (scheduled to post on Thursday)

Reviews posted about earlier reads:

Books I started reading last week but haven't finished:
The Bloodied Cravat by Rosemary Stevens
Show me the Magic: Travels Round Benin by Taxi by Annie Caulfield

Books I bought last week:
All of these, plus Two years Before the Mast by Richard Henry Dana, jr.


Other things on the agenda:
Planning to go and pick bilberries and crowberries if the weather stays dry. The former to eat straight away and the latter to make crowberry jelly. I might even find some wild strawberries (yum!)


Anonymous said…
A Parrot in the Pepper Tree sounds interesting to me. I like to occasionally read memoirs and expat-experience tales. Hope you have a good week ahead!
Greg said…
I've wanted to read Christie but when I tried I wasn't super enthused with Poirot either, so I didn't get far. Cards on the table sounds good though, and I like that he has multiple people helping him on the case. I just read a review for that one from another blogger who likes Christie, and then yours as well. Maybe that or Death on the Nile... I need a good gateway Christie. :)
Kathryn T said…
All the best for the restart of your blog and thanks for joining in It's Monday. Bilbeirries and crowberries sound very exotic to me! Hope you find some.
The travel books look interesting. Happy Reading!
Bibliophile said…
Thanks for the comments. Heather, wish I could leave a reciprocating comment on your blog, but there is some technical glitch preventing me (either that, or there will soon be five identical comments from me)
Bibliophile said…
Greg, I'd try Death on the Nile or Evil Under the Sun as a gateway book for Christie, or you might try a Miss Marple novel instead of a Poirot one, e.g. one of these: http://classicmysteryhunt.blogspot.is/2012/07/best-miss-marple-books.html

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