5 Links on a Friday #1

I come across a number of links to articles, blog entries and news items about books and reading when I'm web-browsing in my free time and occasionally also when I'm doing web searches at work. I have decided to post the interesting ones about reading and books for others to enjoy. (Here are some of the other links).

Whenever I have gathered five links I want to recommend, I'll post them. Here is the first batch:

Frivolous post, but true sentiments:
14 Thoughts You Have When Someone Tries To Talk To You WhileYou're Reading.
This is .gif heavy, but I have had some of these thoughts when interrupted while reading. I'll add the one that they didn't post: "I'll fucking deck you if you interrupt me again!" (she didn't just interrupt me, she did it by tickling me).

The working titles of famous novels from Pride and Prejudice to 1984. 
Trimalchio in West Egg just doesn't have the same ring as The Great Gatsby, does it?

A subject close to my heart:  
I am not a literary translator myself, but I have translated bits and pieces that have been published, and I know how difficult it is. (I'm a legal and tech translator, btw). 

Something for the TBR list:

On my favourite comic strip: 
I cannot even begin to express my feelings for Calvin and Hobbes.


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