Friday book lists # 6: Unseen Academicals by Terry Pratchett

Here is a special one for the books-in-books registry: A book in which all the books and other published materials mentioned are imaginary, because the book itself takes place in an imaginary world.

Oi! To his Deaf Mistress, by Robert Scandal

The Times (newspaper)
Bu-Bubble (fashion magazine)
Satblatt (dwarf newspaper)
Bows & Ammo
The Inquirer
The Tanty Bugle
Back Street Pins
Stanley Howler's Stamp Monthly
Giggles, Girls and Garters
Golem Spotter Weekly
Fretwork Today

A couple of doubly imaginary ones, i.e. titles mentioned that may only exist in L-space as observed from the Discworld:
Pride & Buns
Great Spoons of the World

Non-fiction and reference:
Compendium of Odours by Brakefast (in 22 volumes)
Trumpet of Equestrianism by Sprout
The Speech of Trolls by Postalume
Five Hours and Sixteen Minutes Among the Goblins of Far Uberwald by J.P. Bunderbell
Discomforting Misusage by Birdcatcher
Die Wesentlichen Ungewisseiten Zugehörig der Offenkundingen Männlichkeit by Ofleberger
The Tau of Cabbage
The Obedience of Disobedience by Schnouzentintle
The Effluence of Reality by Von Sliss
Das Meer von Unvermeidlichkeit by Doctor Maspinder
The Doors of Deception
Boddry's Occult Companion
Fletcher's Avian Nausea Index 
In Search of the Whole by Trousenblert (trans. W.E.G. Goodnight)
Ritual Aggression in Pubescent Rats by Dr Vonmausberger

Fiction (I think):
Mr Cauliflower's Big Adventure (presumably a children's novel, but with Pratchett, you never know)
Starcrossed by Hwel the Playwright (a play)


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