Friday book list # 5: Narrow Dog to Carcasonne by Terry Darlington

Books mentioned in Narrow Dog to Carcasonne by Terry Darlington.
This book actually has a list of references at the back, which was a tremendous help to me because I clean forgot to start jotting things down until I was on chapter ten. This list, however, is not copied straight from that list, as some of the references are not to titles but rather quotations or allusions, and I did find one or two titles that were mentioned in the text but not in the list of references. And of course the fictional books are not included in the list.

As before I have only included anything when an actual title was mentioned. For many of the poems they are not given in the main text of the book but only in the reference list.


The Guardian
Guide Navicarte (probably a partial title)

Le Monde 
Le Sénonais libéré

Whippet Breed  Standard by the Kennel Club


Le Charretier de la Providence (by Georges Simenon). The link goes to my review of this book.
Jack the Disemboweller - this is a funny back-translation of the title of Patricia Cornwell's book Portrait of a Killer: Jack the Ripper—Case Closed
The Volcano Lover by Susan Sontag (Mentioned in a fake interview at the end, which I think must have been added in the paperback edition)
The War of the Worlds (by H.G. Wells, although he reference might just as well have been to one of the movies)

Poems: (links to both French originals and English translations, and author links to Wikipedia articles)
The Drunken Boat (Le Bateau Ivre) by Arthur Rimbaud
The Albatross (L'Albatros) by Charles Baudelaire
A Prayer to Go to Heaven with the Donkeys (Prière pour aller au paradis avec les ânes) by Francis Jammes
Cemetery by the Sea (Le Cimetière Marin) by Paul Valéry. This link goes to a side-by-side of the French original and an English translation.

Short story:
The Birds (by Daphne du Maurier). I did find the full story on the Web, but as I think it's still under copyright I decided not to link to it. The Wikipedia link has a summary for those who wish to know what it's about.

The Oxford History of England
The Book of Common Prayer

Fictional titles:
Your Dog Will Get You in the End. I quite like to read this one, having known one or two dogs so inclined.
How to Stop Your Dog Behaving Like a Bloody Animal.
Boating for Fun magazine. I could find no such publication, so I'm putting it on the fictional list.

Probably fictional, possibly not:

Your Dog is Watching You. There is an actual book by that title, written by one Jim Heath, but considering Darlington's the sense of humour he might just as well have invented this title. I am inclined to believe the latter, because that book and this were published in the same year.


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