Slowing down the blog

I know I haven't been a good blogger lately. I have been neglecting the blog and not posting much, and very few reviews. In the past when the blog has gone into semi-hibernation it has often been because I was away travelling or because I was going through one of my depressive episodes, but not this time. I have been focusing on my photoblog and on photography in general, and I haven't been reading much, and all of this has led to me neglecting the book blogging.

Photography and reading are the two hobbies that have stayed with me the longest. I read my first novel all on my own at age 7 (not counting the readers we had at school), and I got my first camera when I was around 12.
I would just as soon give up reading as I would eating - it is that important to me - but there have been years when I didn't do much photography. However, I find it gives me something reading doesn't - like almost all the other hobbies I have tried through the years (which include quilting, rock painting, origami, book-binding and cooking) it gives me a creative outlet.

When I invested in a DSLR a couple of months ago it was the first time in several years that I wasn't shooting with a compact camera (not counting the occasional use of my father's EOS because I always used the A program on that). The compact I was using before that is a temperamental little beast that burns up batteries faster than I can buy them and that took all the fun out of photography. The DSLR (a Nikon D7000, if you must know) on the other hand is a dignified machine with so many different settings and buttons that I feel as if I'm back in elementary school. It really is like I'm learning photography all over again, and I am enjoying  exploring my creative side. So you'll just have to excuse me if I only check in sporadically for the next several weeks.

I am reading a brand new crime thriller I was asked to review, and there will be a review of that some time in August. I am also reading a couple of older books I may review as well. The Monday blast from the past will continue to post and I will try to remember to post the Friday night folktales and a few Wednesday night videos, but other posts will be sporadic.


Dorte H said…
As long as you enjoy whatever you are doing :D

Via my blogroll I´ll notice when something happens here so I´ll be back when you are.
Bibliophile said…
Good to know, Dorte :-)

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