Useful website of the week - and a new reading challenge

I just came back from an information lecture on Iceland's role as guest of honour at the 2011 book-fair in Frankfurt, where I became aware of a fabulous new website about Icelandic literature, art and culture. It will play an active role in promoting Iceland and especially Icelandic literature in the months leading up to the fair.

The website is in three languages: Icelandic, German and English, and they are adding new material all the time. There is a newsletter you can subscribe to for free, and each month they introduce a new Icelandic author, a reader of the month, and a video. Do visit this gorgeous and very informative website (the biggest website about Icelandic literature on the web). The link will take you to the English version of the website.

In connection with this event, I am planning to read and review at least one Icelandic book every month until the fair, choosing books that have been translated into English and German, starting in November. I am calling this the "Buchmesse Frankfurt 2011 Challenge", and I even made a logo for it:

The image shows some of the books I am considering reading for the challenge, plus some more Icelandic books from my library.


IngridLola said…
Thanks for sharing this link! I look forward to your reviews of Icelandic books. I've always been interested in Scandinavian literature and I can't wait to here of more,

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