List love 3.3: BBC’s Big Read list, books 101-150 (updated 23 April 2013)

The previous 2 parts can be found here (no. 1) and here (no. 2).

Green means I have read it.
Blue means I plan to read it.
The others I am either not interested in or simply don’t know enough about them to decide if I am interested in reading them.

Status abbreviations:
PC = it’s in my Permanent Collection
WL = it’s on my Wish List

  1. Three Men In A Boat: by Jerome K. Jerome. Status: PC
  2. Small Gods: by Terry Pratchett. Status: PC
  3. The Beach: by Alex Garland. 
  4. Dracula: by Bram Stoker. Status: PC
  5. Point Blanc: by Anthony Horowitz. 
  6. The Pickwick Papers: by Charles Dickens. 
  7. Stormbreaker: by Anthony Horowitz. 
  8. The Wasp Factory: by Iain Banks. 
  9. The Day Of The Jackal: by Frederick Forsyth. Status: Owned
  10. The Illustrated Mum: by Jacqueline Wilson. 
  11. Jude The Obscure: by Thomas Hardy. 
  12. The Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole Aged 13¾: by Sue Townsend. Status: PC
  13. The Cruel Sea: by Nicholas Monsarrat. 
  14. Les Misérables: by Victor Hugo. 
  15. The Mayor Of Casterbridge: by Thomas Hardy. 
  16. The Dare Game: by Jacqueline Wilson. 
  17. Bad Girls: by Jacqueline Wilson. 
  18. The Picture Of Dorian Gray: by Oscar Wilde. Status: PC
  19. Shogun: by James Clavell. 
  20. The Day Of The Triffids: by John Wyndham. Status:
  21. Lola Rose: by Jacqueline Wilson. Status:
  22. Vanity Fair: by William Makepeace Thackeray. 
  23. The Forsyte Saga: by John Galsworthy. 
  24. House Of Leaves: by Mark Z. Danielewski. 
  25. The Poisonwood Bible: by Barbara Kingsolver. 
  26. Reaper Man: by Terry Pratchett. Status: PC
  27. Angus, Thongs And Full-Frontal Snogging: by Louise Rennison. 
  28. The Hound Of The Baskervilles: by Arthur Conan Doyle. Status: PC
  29. Possession: by A.S. Byatt. 
  30. The Master And Margarita: by Mikhail Bulgakov. 
  31. The Handmaid's Tale: by Margaret Atwood. 
  32. Danny The Champion Of The World: by Roald Dahl. 
  33. East Of Eden: by John Steinbeck. Status: Owned
  34. George's Marvellous Medicine: by Roald Dahl. 
  35. Wyrd Sisters: by Terry Pratchett. Status: PC
  36. The Color Purple: by Alice Walker. 
  37. Hogfather: by Terry Pratchett. Status: PC
  38. The Thirty-Nine Steps: by John Buchan. 
  39. Girls In Tears: by Jacqueline Wilson. 
  40. Sleepovers: by Jacqueline Wilson. 
  41. All Quiet On The Western Front: by Erich Maria Remarque. 
  42. Behind The Scenes At The Museum: by Kate Atkinson. 
  43. High Fidelity: by Nick Hornby. 
  44. It: by Stephen King. 
  45. James And The Giant Peach: by Roald Dahl. 
  46. The Green Mile: by Stephen King. 
  47. Papillon: by Henri Charriere. 
  48. Men At Arms: by Terry Pratchett. Status: PC
  49. Master And Commander: by Patrick O'Brian. 
  50. Skeleton Key: by Anthony Horowitz. 
That makes 19 out of books no. 101-150 that I have read, and 9 I plan to read.

As with the previous parts of the list, I would be interested to hear what you think of this list and how many of the books you have read or want to read. If you want to, you can also leave a comment telling me why I should consider reading the rest.


George said…
I've read 30 of the 101-150 list. You'll enjoy DAY OF THE JACKAL and LES MISERABLES, both books about searching for someone. You might consider VANITY FAIR...Becky Sharp is fun to read about. POSSESSION is the best book on this list.

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