Short stories 81-85

“A Rock and a Hard Place”, by Nancy Pickard. From Women on the Case. An interesting story about crime prevention with an intriguing protagonist.

“Being”, by Richard Matheson. From A Treasury of American Horror Stories. Quite a good alien horror story from a master storyteller.

“Heaven”, Mary Beckett. From Wildish Things. A story about a woman who values quiet so much that she becomes addicted to it, but doesn’t really begin to appreciate it until she no longer has much chance of enjoying it.

“New Moon and Rattlesnakes”, by Wendy Hornsby. From The Mysterious West. There are no limits to what a desperate woman will do. Made me want to read more, so I'll have to say Recommended.

“Eye Witness”, by Ellis Peters From A Rare Benedictine. A tale of robbery and how the money was recovered with a little guile.


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