Short stories 66-70

“Dundi” by Þórarinn Eldjárn. From Ó fyrir framan. A rather good tale of the “unexpected ending” type.

“Philomel Cottage” by Agatha Christie. From The Listerdale Mystery. What to do when you discover that your new husband is a murderer? This story offers one solution.

“Keflvíkingasaga” by Þórarinn Eldjárn. From Ó fyrir framan.

“The Price of Light” by Ellis Peters. From A Rare Benedictine. A sweet little story of love and a betrayal avenged. A comfortable read and a change from the usual murders of the Brother Cadfael novels.

“The Hunt Ball”, Freeman Wills Crofts. From Masterpieces of Mystery. A short tale of what selfishness and desperation can lead to, and what bad planning will do to a man.


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