Reading report for June 2009

My reading has dropped back to about 2 books a week, and all the books I read this month were challenge reads. My reading was unusually heavy in mysteries, but I also got in a some travelogues, some history, poetry, fantasy and one brilliant modern classic.

In the Top Mysteries Challenge, I read 3 books. All were good.

In the Icelandic books Challenge, I finished 5 books, none of which have been translated into English, but 2 have been translated into one or more Scandinavian language and one into German as well. There exist English titles for both of them, so there may be translations in the works.
  • Bjarni Þorsteinsson: Kvæði (poetry)
  • Magnús Á. Árnason, Vífill M. Magnússon, Barbara Árnason (illustrations): Mexíkó (travelogue)
  • Örlygur Sigurðsson: Rauðvín og reisan mín (travelogue)
  • Sjón : Argóarflísin: Goðsaga um Jason og Keneif (fantasy)
  • Viktor Arnar Ingólfsson: Afturelding (police procedural, murder mystery)

In the TBR Challenge I finished 7 books:
  • Douglas Adams & Mark Carwardine: Last Chance to See (endangered wildlife travelogue)
  • Mikhaíl Búlgakov: The Master and Margarita (novel - Icelandic translation)
  • *Cyril Hare: An English Murder (murder mystery)
  • Tony Hillerman: The Ghostway (murder mystery)
  • Ngaio Marsh: Spinsters in Jeopardy (murder mystery)
  • Stella Tillyard: Aristocrats (history/biography)
  • *Eric Wright: The Night The Gods Smiled (murder mystery)


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