Wednesday reading experience #20

Have you ever found a description of a dish or a meal in a book that made you hungry? If you have, find the recipe or recipes and cook the dish or meal for yourself, or, if you don't cook, go to a restaurant and order it.

If you are the kind who reads while you eat, try reading the appropriate passage from the book while you eat.

Did the dish or meal stand up to expectations?

I have done this a number of times, with varying results. Some of the failures can be blamed on not having found the right version of the recipe, others on something going wrong with the cooking.


Dorte H said…
Books rarely make me hungry, but they often make me curious. I have visited a pub in Oxford just because Inspector Morse frequented it, just like my daughter and I enjoyed watching out for places that James Joyce´s characters had visited in Dublin. So to me it is exciting to visit the same places as my ´heroes´.
Bibliophile said…
Travelogues often hit me that way, and the occasional novel as well. Many of the most exotic places on my "to be seen" list got there because I read about them in a book.

The James Joyce trail is a popular destination in Dublin, and every year on Bloomsday some of his fans visit all places mentioned in "Ulysses". I think it could be great fun to participate, but I would have to read the book first...

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