A celebration of Bibliophilia

Books in the windows, books on the floor,
Books fill my shelves and block up the door.
Books in my bedroom, books in the hall,
Books on the tables and up against the wall.
Books in the attic, books on the stairs,
Books in the bathroom, books on the chairs.
Books in the kitchen, books in my head,
Books in the basement, books I haven't read.

I'm cozy and content in my quiet world of books,
I turn and read my pages in several little nooks.
I am relaxed and happy in my comfy little nest,
To read at least a book a day is what I love the best.
I feel alive and happy with my eyes fixed on a book,
I do my daily reading and sometimes forget to cook.
Some may think that all those books are keeping me in thrall,
It's true I will be old and gray before I've read them all.

Thank goodness!

Copyright by Bibliophile


Gallimaufry said…
That little poem of yours pretty much describes the state of affairs in my house at the moment!!!

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