Wednesday reading experience #5

Read a whole series in the order of publication (or the recommended reading order), without reading other books in between. It’s up to you whether you choose a trilogy or something longer.

I did this with the Anne of Green Gables books – unfortunately I read them in chronological order rather than order of publication, and found a nasty spoiler in the one book that was published out of chronology. I have also done this with sub-series from the Discworld series.

The Harry Potter books might be a not too strenuous series to read like this.

What series would you choose, and why?
What series did you choose and what was the outcome?


Dorte H said…
I have no time for this right now, but I have planned re-reading Ruth Rendell´s Inspector Wexford series and write a post about his development later.
I have a good idea for a reading experience, however. I borrowed Andrew Taylor´s Roth trilogy (also called "Fallen Angel", I believe) two years ago and read them in the proper order, which is the present, the 1970s and the 1950s. Later I bought it, and began with the old one, moving up in time. That also worked quite well.
Bibliophile said…
Thanks for your insight, Dorte.
When you read a whole series like this, you notice things that you might otherwise not, both good and bad. On the good side are, for example, character growth, multi-book story arcs and foreshadowing. On the bad side I have sometimes noticed continuity errors between books in a series, like disappearing characters and in one case a character whose name suddenly changed without explanation. You also tend to notice formulas more.

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