Reading report for February 2007

I managed to read 15 books in February. Apart from that, I have taken apart, repaired, re-sewn and rebound four more and printed, folded, sewn and bound one. In other words: the book binding course is going well, but as a result I have not had much time or inclination for blogging. I am proud to say I read four books in Icelandic, three of which were written in the language and one translation.

MM Kaye: Death in Zanzibar
Ellery Queen: Cat of many tails
Georges Simenon: Maigret and the burglar's wife

Unreviewed: (at least two of which I will review later)
Mary Balogh: Slightly scandalous (historical romance)
Leslie Charteris: Hefndargjöfin (a Saint story, but there is no original title given)
André Dominé & Michael Diker, eds.: Culinaria: European specialties 2 (seriously cool foodie book)
Bramah Ernest: Four Max Carrados detective stories (the first blind sleuth)
Phyllis Hartnoll: The Theatre: A concise history
Hendrik Ottósson: Gvendur Jóns og draugarnir á Duusbryggju (half-true funny stories about boys getting into scrapes in early 20th century Reykjavík); Gvendur Jóns stendur í stórræðum (more of the same); Gvendur Jóns og ég... (and still more of the same)
Fergus Hume: Hagar of the pawn-shop (short crime stories where Hagar and the pawn shop she runs are somehow involved)
Robert B. Parker: Stone Cold (police story – part of the mystery authors challenge – I am now reading a Spenser novel)
Catherine Louisa Pirkis: The Experiences of Loveday Brooke, lady detective (interesting early detective stories)
Ruth Reichl: Tender at the bone: Growing up at the table (foodie memoir)


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