Bibliophile reviews Detection Unlimited by Georgette Heyer

Series detective: Inspector Hemingway
No. in series:
Year of publication: 1961
Type of mystery: Murder, whodunnit, howdunnit
Type of investigator: Police
Setting & time: Rural England, 1960s
Some themes:

Story: Inspector Hemingway of the Scotland Yard is called in to investigate a mysterious murder in a small English village. Several people had reason to dislike the victim, who was an unpleasant man, a social climber who was not above using blackmail to get his way. Most of the suspects were on their way home from a tennis party when the murder took place, and Hemingway needs to establish their alibis or lack thereof before turning to finding out just how the murder was done.

Review: This is a clever puzzle plot, worthy of Agatha Christie, and written in Heyer's deft style. While I had the murderer figured out after not too many chapters, I was unable to figure out the howdunnit of the plot until the Inspector began unravelling it.

Rating: Another clever and interesting puzzle from Heyer. 3+ stars.


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