November 2006 reading report

I read 21 books this month, mostly mysteries. I am behind with my reviewing, for which I apologise, but I have been reading, which is much more important that writing (for me). I read books by five new mystery authors last month, and will be writing reviews on them soon.

Reviewed and upcoming:
After effects and Henrietta who?: Catherine Aird
The Demon Archer: Paul Doherty
Detection Unlimited: Georgette Heyer
The Flame Trees of Thika: Elspeth Huxley
Death in the Andamans: MM Kaye
Prepared for Murder: Cecile Lamalle
The Dogs of Riga: Henning Mankell
Gideon's Day: JJ Marric
To love and be wise: Josephine Tey

The Cat who talked to ghosts: Lilian Jackson Braun
The Homecoming: Marion Chesney
Sex, lies and online dating: Rachel Gibson
Unreliable memoirs: Clive James
Cleopatra's sister: Penelope Lively
Notes from an Italian garden: Joan Marble
Living with books: Alan Powers
Korea: A walk through the land of miracles: Simon Winchester

Rereads: (unreviewed)
Eric: Terry Pratchett
Interesting times: Terry Pratchett
Sourcery: Terry Pratchett


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