Reader’s block

Ever pick up one book after another, read a chapter, then put it down and start on another, over and over? Ever want to read something, but none of your own books will do and there’s nothing interesting at the library? Ever pick up a book and then decide to watch TV, vacuum the floors, do laundry or go for a walk instead? In short: Have you ever had reader’s block?

That’s me right now. Reviewing will resume once I feel like reading again.

Until then, here are some of my old reviews, including the original 52 Books reading project (so far only the fiction - I'm working on the rest).


Maxine said…
Hi, yes I have. I find it is associated with depression and/or worry -- the inability to concentrate, to retain information, or to stay awake (if I'm not sleeping at night, reading a book in the day is almost guaranteed to make me nod off).

I guess you need something that has a really compelling opening chapter. Will try to think of something to recommend, but chances are you will already have read it or will have "recovered" by the time I can think of anything.

Good luck! The blog world has lots of interesting distractions!
Erik Buchanan said…
Been there, done that. Have a t-shirt that says "everything I have to read sucks."

I also find it's associated with depression, or with boredom, or the need to start a new project.

Good luck, and let us know when you start something new.
Bibliophile said…
In my case it probably a combination of depression and genre overload. I have been reading too many detective stories lately, and my depression is on the downswing. I'm now reading Gulliver's Travels, which should make a nice change from all the murders and mayhem. It's also good for some laughs.
Steven List said…
For me, it has nothing to do with depression! Some books are just harder to get into than others. Sometimes, nothing appeals to me. I switch back and forth between fiction and technical/business books and magazines and journals. But sometimes, TV or a walk are the only real choice.

Steven List
Co-Founcer, Back of the Room
benning said…
Yep! I have had 'reader's block' and I don't think there's anything worse for a lover of reading. I hate it! But, luckily, it's infrequent and never lasts long. *whew!*
Maxine said…
This new (to me) author John Baker I've discovered via him vistiting my blog wrtites well, or at least, the book of his I have read so far, "White Skin Man", is very good and readable. The writing on his blog is good, too.

Also I am reading Donna Leon's latest which is, as usual, excellent. Have you read her? Highly recommended - they are short and readable, so at your rate of reading, 1-2 hours per book, tops.
Bibliophile said…
Maxine, I've never heard of Donna Leon. Will see if the library has any of her books.

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