Friday book list #1: The Watersplash by Patricia Wentworth

Announcing a new feature: book lists of written works mentioned in books.

I have started compiling a list I have been considering for a while: of titles (and authors) of written works, real and imaginary, that are mentioned in the books I read. Once upon a time I came across a website wherein were listed such titles. I even bookmarked it, but some time later, when I was cleaning up my bookmarks, I found that the website had disappeared. There probably are other such lists out there, but I though it would be fun to compile my own. I plan to list books, short stories, essays, poems, magazines and newspapers, both real and imaginary that I come across in the books I read. To keep some order, I will post such lists on Fridays, but of course it might be weeks or even months between postings.

First up is the book I have just finished reading: The Watersplash by Patricia Wentworth. This is the 21st Miss Silver mystery.

Links in author names lead to biographical information and links in book titles lead to the books when they are available online, e.g. on the Project Gutenberg website. Author names are in brackets when not mentioned along with the title(s). Only writings with titles are listed.

In chapter XIX:
Context: The heroine of the book, Susan Wayne, is dusting and classifying books in the library of one of the suspects in a murder case that series detective Miss Silver is about to start investigating.


  • The Spectator
  • The Rambler (there were two such publications. It is not stated which it is, but I think it must be the one I have linked to)

Additionally, two unnamed books are mentioned in chapter XXXVII, one a fictional book of sermons, the other a book of prayers which one would assume to be the Book of Common Prayer.


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