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 Today's question on Booking Through Thursday is:

I saw a Latin edition of “The Hobbit” last time I was at the bookstore… Do you read any foreign languages? Do you ENJOY reading in other languages?

Answer: I definitely enjoy reading in foreign languages and actually do most of my reading in a foreign language: English. I also read Danish and Norwegian fairly fluently and can get through Swedish and German texts with occasional help from a dictionary. Lately I have also been reading in French (which I am learning), although so far it has mostly been simplified texts. I'm currently reading a Commissaire Maigret mystery in simplified French and plan to use the summer to get through another, unedited one.


Jenn said…
Wow! How awesome it is to read in different languages!
Here's mine.
DawnTreader said…
I think those who have English as their first language sometimes don't quite realize for how many of us that also use English fluently it's really our second language. I'm Swedish... In my post I quite forgot about Norwegian and Danish ;) I don't usually read books in those languages but if I really wanted to I don't think it would be too difficult.
Wendy Lohr said…
Geez, that's really impressive!

Here's my BTT Post!

Wendy @ Wendy's Musings
William Stanger said…
I wish I could read in at least one other language apart from English. Maybe I need to stop talking about it and do something about it! Here's my BTT Post for this week.

On a side note, someone directed me to an article about Halldor Laxness today. I'm curious to read something by him. What would be a good book to start with? (Ideally, I'd love to read him in his own language, but I don't see that happening soon!)
Bibliophile said…
William, I usually recommend either Iceland's Bell or The Fish Can Sing as Laxness starter books because they are fairly short and make good introductions to his style, but I know people who have delved straight into his masterpiece, Independent People, and loved it.

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