Reading report for December 2012

I finished the year 2012 with a more-than average reading month, finishing 16 books, most of which were begun as well as ended within the month. It's no wonder, since because of the way the weekends lined up the Yule holidays were long this year – I only worked one day between December 22nd and January 2nd because traditionally, in my workplace, we get the half-workdays of Christmas Eve and New Year‘s Eve completely off, as well as one extra winter vacation day over the holidays.

12 of these books were romances and 7 were written by Nora Roberts. Romances are a good genre for me during the darkest winter months, dealing as they do with positive feelings and happy endings, things I need as ammunition in my battle with depression, which is exacerbated by seasonal affective disorder at this time of the year. The rest included true and fictional crime, historical fiction and a cookbook.

The Books:
  • Dorothy H. Becker & Nancy S. Wallace : Fabulous Fondues. Cookbook.
  • Debbie Macomber: Christmas Wishes: Christmas Letters (2007); Rainy Day Kisses (1990). Christmas romance novellas.
  • Ed McBain: The Pusher. Police procedural.
  • Terry Pratchett: Dodger. Historical fiction/alternative reality.
  • Julia Quinn‘s The Bridgertons: The Duke and I; The Viscount Who Loved Me; Romancing Mr. Bridgerton; To Sir Philip, With Love. Historical romances.
  • Katherine Ramsland: The Devil's Dozen: How cutting edge forensics took down 12 notorious serial killers. True crime/Forensic history.
  • Nora Roberts‘ The Donovan Legacy: Captivated; Entranced; Charmed; Enchanted.
  • Nora Roberts‘ The Concannon Sisters trilogy: Born in Fire; Born in Ice; Born in Shame. Paranormal romance.

(This month I have already read 12 books, all of them romances and all by Nora Roberts - I was only going to read one 6-book series, but discovered that they were linked to two other series, and now I have discovered that one of those is connected to another two book sequence, so it very much looks like I will fill my Nora quote for the year in the first two weeks of January).


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