Review: The Mullet: Hairstyle of the Gods by Mark Larson & Barney Hoskyns.

Originally published in July 2005, on my original 52 Books blog.

This is a humorous tribute to that much maligned hairstyle, the mullet (ape drape, mud-flap, neck warmer, etc.). For someone who remembers when it was actually cool to sport one (yep, I was a teenager in the 80’s - I even had a mini-mullet for a couple of weeks until I realised it wasn't a good look for me and had it chopped off), this was a great discovery. The book manages to be both affectionate and mocking, and I had a good laugh at all the pictures of famous people that I once thought were incredibly cool and cutting-edge but now, in retrospect, just had really bad hairstyles and a lousy dress sense.

Rating: A funny book for both admirers and enemies of the mullet. 4 stars.


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