Reading challenges to tempt you, part III: Theme challenges

Last time I covered genre challenges, and now it's time for some theme challenges.

As in the earlier posts, you can click either on the link or badge for each challenge to go to the sign-up page.

First one I am seriously considering joining:

The fifth What's in a Name challenge, hosted by Beth Fish Reads.
I finished it last year and have a mind to join again this year.

It runs throughout 2012 and you must read six books, each of which has a particular type of thing in the title (see the host site for a list). You can join at any time.

Any one book can only be entered in one category. Overlapping with other challenges is permitted, you need not make a list beforehand and you need not read the books in the order the categories are given in.

This is a very popular challenge: When I wrote this, 179 people had already signed up.

The Library of Clean Reads is hosting a Time Travel Reading Challenge.

It's a year-long challenge and you can join at any time.

There are 4 levels and the theme of the books must be time travel.

26 people have already signed up.

Melissa of Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf is hosting a Witches and Witchcraft Reading Challenge.

The challenge runs throughout the year 2012 and the sign-up deadline is December 15. There are a number of rules but the main ones are that the books must have a witchcraft theme and can be fiction or non-fiction, but no reference books are allowed unless you read them from cover to cover. There are 4 levels.

You need not own a blog, but reviewing seems to be required.
Re-reads and crossovers are allowed. There is a prize.
 54 participants so far.

Books in the City is hosting the second Immigrant Stories Challenge.

The challenge is year-long and you can join at any time. There are three levels and the books can be of any kind, both fiction and non-fiction, as long as the theme is immigration.

Re-reads are allowed and so are crossovers with other challenges.

10 participants so far.

The team at Bookish Ardour are hosting a Dystopia reading challenge.

This is another year-long challenge and you can sign up until mid-December. There are 7 levels and to make it more challenging there are extra challenges you can join to narrow the field of choice.

Crossovers are allowed, you can change levels, and you do not need to have a blog or write reviews (although they are encouraged), but some kind of commenting seems to be expected. 74 participants so far.

Finally, here are two double theme challenges with no fixed theme. The aim of both is to read pairs of books that share a theme or are somehow joined:

One Librarian's Book Reviews is hosting the Classic Double Challenge.

It's a year-long challenge and there is no sign-up deadline.

There are 4 levels. To join, you must read books in pairs: one classic and, to quote the host: "a newer book that relates to the older one in some way". Example are given if you need inspiration.

Comments/reviews are encouraged, but you need not do it on a blog.

18 participants already.

Amanda of Fig and Thistle is hosting the Truth in Fiction challenge.

It runs throughout 2012 and no deadline is given.

There are 7 levels and the challenge is to read pairs of books, one fiction and one non-fiction, that are related through an easily discernible common thread.

Overlapping with other challenges is allowed.

Reviews are expected and must be jointly about both books in any given pair.

 If you know of a theme reading challenge you would like me to cover in the follow-up post to this series, just leave a link in a comment to this post and I will take a look at it.


Laura Fabiani said…
I hope you consider joining me on my Time Travel Challenge! Thanks for highlighting here on your blog.

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