What's in a Name challege wrap-up post

Well, I did it. Although I had given up actively trying to finish the challenges I signed up for at the start of the year, I managed to finish this one, and didn't even realise it for a couple of months, so completely had I put it out of my mind.

The challenge was to finish 6 books with certain types of words in the title, given in the order I finished them:

  1. A Size
  2. Something Evil
  3. Jewelry or a gem
  4. Life stage
  5. A number
  6. Travel or movement

Click on the links to see the reviews of the books I read for the challenge.

As might be expected, considering my interest in the genre, four of the books were mysteries. Two of those were hard-boiled/noir detective novels, one a cosy police procedural and one a mystery thriller. The others consisted of a romance novel and a memoir-travelogue.

Although I was wasn't actively trying to finish this challenge, I am glad I did. I might even participate in next year's What't in a Name.


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