Wednesday reading experience #42

Challenge your prejudices some more: Read a book that you have panned or derided without actually having read it.

Some frequently panned books that come to mind include novels by Dan Brown, Stephanie Meyer, Nicholas Sparks and Danielle Steel. Others include such famous and/or infamous works of the more distant past, like philosophical and religious writings of all ages and eras, Marx’s Communist Manifesto, Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake, and anything by the Marquis de Sade. Of course you should choose one that you have prejudices about.

Whether your prejudices are rebuffed or confirmed, you will at least now be able to pan or praise the book in question without hypocrisy.


Rose said…
I read a Georgette Heyer recently. Didn't change my opinion--in fact I couldn't even finish it. But she has written so many books, and I probably didn't pick one of her best. Let's see, what was it? It was Footsteps in the Dark.
Bibliophile said…
Rose, have you read one of her historical novels or historical romances?
Her mysteries are generally not very good, mostly character-driven and the plots tend to be over-elaborate or unconvincing. Footsteps in the Dark is the first and (in my opinion) worst of her mysteries.
If you want to read Heyer at her best, try "The Grand Sophy", "The Nonesuch" or "The Quiet Gentleman".
Rose said…
Ha! I picked her worst?! Thanks for the suggestions--I will give her another try.

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